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R&D Support


CHEM(YUEYANG) 's R&D team has gathered experts in organic synthesis and chemical engineering, and now more than 90% of its employees have college education or above. Our research areas include:

※  The synthesis of surfactants, defoamers, dispersants, leveling agents, hand feeling agents, corrosion inhibitors, anti-flash rust agents, polymer polymers, and the development of special surfactants and dispersants with new chemical structure.

  Development of new catalysts

  Engineering technology development such as separation, rectification and purification;

  Application formula development and performance test.

In order to ensure the product quality, the company is equipped with advanced detection instruments, including Agilent 5890 gas chromatograph and gas chromatograph mass spectrometer, Mettler Toledo pH meter, and SITA dynamic surface tension meter in Germany.


Yueyang Kaimen attaches great importance to any comments from customers. We are willing to provide necessary assistance to customers. From the basic product testing to the formation of the final formula, our R&D team maintains daily communication with customers to ensure the correct use of products, help customers solve the difficult problems encountered in water-based formula, and optimize formula design.


Our basic services include:

※  Analysis and evaluation and physical and chemical performance test:

Our professional application technical engineers and necessary analytical instruments can share data with customers to ensure the rationality and safety of formula design.


  Customized service:

The unique formula needs the cooperation of different additives. Yueyang Kaimen's strong R&D system can help customers develop some new structure surfactants, defoamers, dispersants and special additives to meet the special requirements of customers in the market segment.