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Wetting agent effect


The wetting and leveling agent can effectively reduce the surface tension of the system and significantly improve the construction effect of water-based wood paint. After adding the wetting and leveling agent, the wetting performance and permeability of the paint to the substrate are increased, the leveling of the paint liquid is improved, and sometimes the problem of edge shrinkage (frame effect) can be overcome. More importantly, the leveling agent can solve common shrinkage problems, especially the shrinkage caused by excessive use of defoamers. Excessive leveling agent will offset the defoaming effect of the defoaming agent, making the paint liquid produce bubbles during construction, and some have obvious foam stabilizing effect, so it should be used as much as possible with good leveling, low foaming, and foam stabilizing. Mild wetting and leveling agent. The combination of leveling agent and defoamer, including the selection of varieties and the control of dosage, is the focus of research on the formulation of water-based wood lacquers.