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Leveling and anti-cratering additives

Innovative additives provide wetting, leveling, and anti-cratering in water-based formulations.

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Product description

Leveling and anti-cratering agent model physical state active ingredient chemical structure Ionic Surface tension mN/m(0.1% aqueous solution)
Greesol GS190 light yellow liquid 100% Polybranched polysiloxane Nonionic 22.3
Greesol GS194 light yellow liquid 100% Polybranched polysiloxane Nonionic 23.5
Greesol GS195 light yellow liquid 100% Polybranched polysiloxane Nonionic 23.1


Greesol GS190, 194, and 195 are innovative gemini ethoxy propoxylated modified multi-branched polysiloxane compounds. Through the design of siloxane segment and polyether segment, its unique structure solves the problem of Polysiloxane generally has the characteristics of foam stabilization, low foam, unstable foam, high efficiency in reducing surface tension, does not affect recoatability, etc., excellent anti-shrinkage cavity.

It has a fast wetting and spreading effect on low surface energy substrates. Applicable to water and UV formulation systems. Recommended for water-based wood paint, water-based industrial paint, water-based container coating, water-based ink, electrophoretic paint, and recommended for high-temperature baking formula systems, Greesol GS190 has certain defoaming properties, and Greesol 195 has leveling properties in high-temperature baking systems most.



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