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Anti-flash rust agent

In a humid environment, impure iron (containing carbon) forms countless tiny primary batteries of iron-oxygen-water.

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Anti-flash rust agent

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Product description

In a humid environment, impure iron (containing carbon) forms countless tiny primary batteries of iron-oxygen-water.


Negative electrode (anode): 2Fe→2Fe 2 ++4e -

Positive electrode (cathode): 2H 2 O+O 2 +4e→4OH -


Rust process:

Fe2++20H-→ Fe(OH)2


2Fe(OH) 3 →Fe 2 O 3 nH 2 O[rust]+(3 n)H 2 O


Anti-corrosion mechanism:

Electrochemical rust prevention (anodic sacrificial or cathodic protection)

Physical shielding anti-rust (flaky pigments and fillers)

Anti-rust by chemical reaction (formation of insoluble chemical deposition salt)


Types of flash rust inhibitors:

The first type of traditional acid salts: such as nitrite, silver molybdate chromate, etc., but because they are not environmentally friendly and toxic, and nitrites have a relatively large negative effect on salt spray resistance. The second category is polymer organic amine compound, such as DMEA dimethyl ethanolamine, AMP95 diamino dimethyl 1, 2 diisopropanol, etc.


performance parameters Greesol ES170 Greesol ES120 Greesol ES130 Greesol ES150 Greesol ES160
Appearance amber viscous liquid light yellow transparent liquid light yellow transparent liquid light yellow transparent liquid light yellow transparent liquid
or Amine Amine Amine Amine Amine
EffectiveComponent 100% 40% 40% 65% 40%
Amine Value 145 ~ ~ ~ ~
Acid Value <3.0 ~   ~ ~
Viscosity( 25C,CPS) 300-500 100 100 50-200 100-200
Color <11 <350 (platinum diamond colorimetry) <350 (platinum diamond colorimetry) <350 (platinum diamond colorimetry) <350 (platinum diamond colorimetry)

Greesol ES170 is a multi-functional additive of heptadecenylamine ethyl imido, which has the functions of dispersion, wetting, hydrophobicity, corrosion inhibition, emulsification, etc. It can be used as a wetting and dispersing agent in water-based systems, and has corrosion inhibition for metal substrates. Function, suitable for cathodic electrophoretic paint, corrosion inhibitor, textile auxiliaries, oil extraction. Has the following characteristics 1. Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, chlorinated hydrocarbons, mineral oil, toluene, low carbon alcohol, etc., soluble in water after neutralized with acid.
2. It has wetting, lubricating and anti-rust properties, and is a good adsorption oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor. , Good heat resistance and stability, does not decompose when heated.

GreesolES150 is an organic-inorganic compound, a metal-organic chelate compound, which can achieve the effects of corrosion inhibition, passivation and shielding at the same time. After the film is dried, it forms a water-insoluble complex, which does not affect the water resistance and salt spray resistance of the paint film. . Recommended for water-based two-component epoxy systems, it is a very cost-effective flash rust inhibitor.

Judgment of anti-rust effect of water-based anti-flash rust agent:

Add the flash rust inhibitor into the deionized water according to its recommended amount, and drop it directly on the substrate to be coated (pre-treated according to the normal substrate treatment method), and the droplets will not dry for 24 hours. In this case The next step test can be carried out if the variety does not produce rust.

GreesolES120, 130 is a fast alcohol-modified multifunctional corrosion inhibitor and anti-flash rust agent. Because its structure contains alkynyl group, polar group hydroxy group and main chain alkane segment, it uses alkyne bond electron coordination coupling on the metal surface, It produces strong physical and chemical positive and negative charge adsorption and dissociation coupling, forming a monomolecular barrier film to protect the metal surface. It is mainly used in acrylic emulsion, alkyd and other systems. Greesol ES160 corrosion inhibitor does not contain nitrite, and has excellent anti-flash rust and corrosion inhibition performance in high temperature and high temperature environments. ES160 is an organic compound, which can effectively promote salt spray resistance.



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