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The function of thickener and analysis of storage points


Thickener MS is a polyacrylic acid series alkali-swellable anionic synergistic thickener.


It is a high content and low viscosity polyacrylic acid emulsion, suitable for many types of coatings.

Coating additives are used in a small amount in coatings, but they can make coatings have excellent mechanical properties and stable chemical properties, and have become an indispensable part of coatings. Thickeners are a kind of coating additives.

Paint thickeners are a very important class of additives for water-based paints with low viscosity. The water content is relatively large, and the fluidity is also relatively large, which requires adding some thickeners to neutralize its viscosity. In addition, latex paint often encounters water separation problems during production, transportation, storage, and construction. Although water separation can be delayed by increasing the viscosity and dispersibility of latex paint, such adjustments are often limited and more important. The most important thing is to solve this problem through the choice of thickener and its combination.

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