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SMA resin and derivatives

SMA resin is a high-performance polymer formed by block copolymerization of styrene (Styrene) and maleic anhydride (Maleic Anhydride).

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SMA resin

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Product description

SMA resin is a high-performance polymer formed by block copolymerization of styrene (Styrene) and maleic anhydride (Maleic Anhydride).

The base resin of SMA is in the form of light yellow powder or flakes. In order to meet the needs of different application scenarios and formulation systems, Kaimen Additives has also developed a variety of derivatives, including partially esterified, amidated and imidized SMA resins , so that the characteristics of SMA resin can be fully utilized.


SMA resin properties

1) High glass transition temperature and softening point
2) Alkali solubility, high gloss
3) A complete range of HLB values ​​(S:MA ratio, vinegar type)
4) Good compatibility with various emulsion systems and surfactants
5) Strong water solubility to high water resistance series selection
6) Reactivity - acid crisp, acid,
typical application of amide SMA resin
1) Heat resistant varnish/varnish
2) Heat resistant emulsion polymer
3) Water resistant, super Fine particle size wax emulsion, rosin emulsion
4) plastic compatibilizer
5) others: pigment dispersion, pigment surface treatment, electronic materials, cleaning agents, leather, paper, powder coatings


Typical uses and suggestions of
SMA resin SMA resin can be used as alkali-soluble resin in the application of water-based ink and water-based varnish. The typical addition amount is 5-10%, which can significantly improve the water resistance, heat resistance and polar substrate of the coating film. Adhesion, and maintain high gloss. Especially for the hot stamping process with high heat resistance requirements, it has great benefits. Experiments have proved that SMA resin brings excellent heat resistance, good flexibility, adhesion, and better pigment dispersion.
SMA resin can be added as a polymeric surfactant during emulsion polymerization to adjust the emulsion particle size, improve emulsion stability, heat resistance, water resistance and other properties.
Adding SMA resin to the modified plastic can effectively bridge non-polar materials and polar materials, so that the surface will not be delaminated when the two are blended, and the compatibility between the resin and glass fiber, inorganic and organic fillers can be improved.


Greesol DP1100 is a modified salt-based block copolymer dispersant, which has the characteristics of low odor, good water resistance and high gloss of the coating film, and can improve floating and blooming. Mainly used in architectural latex paint, water-based industrial paint, water-based ink, pigment concentrate, etc.
GreesolDP1190 is a wetting and dispersing agent developed for inorganic pigments and fillers. It has low foam and does not contain VOC or other organic solvents. This additive can improve the dispersion efficiency of pigments and fillers. Deflocculation, especially suitable for the preparation of water-based high-solid inorganic pigment concentrates, with excellent color development and dispersion stability.
Greesol DP2100 is a hydrophobic phenyl-modified polyanthate salt-based dispersant, which can greatly improve the water resistance and gloss of the paint film. It has good dispersibility and stability for inorganic pigments and fillers, especially for iron oxide. It can effectively improve the ills such as floating color and blooming in the process of paint toning, and can enhance the storage stability of the paint. Mainly used for exterior wall latex paint, water-based industrial paint, water-based wood paint, water-based ink, etc.
GreesolDP2200 can be used as water-based and oil-based color paste, dispersant for printing ink, used for inorganic pigments (such as metal oxides), carbon black, especially for the dispersion of difficult-to-disperse organic pigments, such as polycyclic and cyanine pigments, when used The product can be dissolved in glycol solvents such as ethylene glycol or propylene glycol before use. Mainly used in water-based industrial coatings, water-based wood paints, architectural latex paints, water-based inks, pigment concentrates and some weak polarity systems, etc.

Sample application

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