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The innovative defoamer provides anti-foaming, defoaming and wetting functions in the water-based two-component polyurethane formulation system

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Product description

Defoamer model physical state active ingredient chemical structure Ionic
Greesol DF01 light yellow liquid 100% Alkynol Nonionic
Greesol DF05 light yellow liquid 100% Alkynol Nonionic


Greesol DF01 and DF05 are silicon-free compounds designed based on the chemical structure of geminoalkynyl alcohols. They have wetting, defoaming and defoaming properties. Their unique asymmetric gemini chemical structure makes them excellent in defoaming properties, especially Excellent performance in defoaming. When coating formulation engineers develop waterborne two-component polyurethane formulations, carbon dioxide generated by the reaction of water and isocyanate is one of the most difficult problems. Greesol DF0 1 and DF05 can quickly eliminate reaction bubbles and accelerate the removal of reaction bubbles in the late stage of the reaction.

Reduce surface rashes, dark bubbles and other defects. Does not affect transparency and produce haze in specular systems. Greesol DF01 can also be used in UV, solvent-free coating formulations.



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