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Stain and Oil Resistant Additives

Innovative anti-stain and anti-oil additives improve the easy-cleaning of coatings, anti-blocking does not affect recoatability

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Oil Resistant Additives

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Product description

Product number physical state active ingredient chemical structure Ionic
Greesol M81 light yellow liquid 100% Fluoropolymer Nonionic


M81 is a fluorine-modified surfactant, which can promote wetting and leveling; improve stain resistance and oil resistance; improve dust resistance; improve anti-blocking performance and improve the ease of cleaning of coatings; low foam, the The additives are solvent-free and VOC-free and can be widely used in various water-based formulation systems.


M81 has good wetting and leveling properties



  • Significantly improve the water and oil repellency and anti-fingerprint properties of the paint film
  • Improves the ease of cleaning of coatings
  • low foam
  • Does not affect repainting

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