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GREESOL Surfactant

GREESOL Additives Make Your Coating Surface So Beautiful

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Product description

Application Guidelines for GREESOL Surfactants in Waterborne Coatings, Inks, Adhesives and Other Fields





brief description

Greesol A04 surfactant series products are multifunctional additives with wetting, defoaming and dispersing properties.
Greesol A04 product is a symmetrical non-ionic surfactant. Its unique chemical structure makes this product have the characteristics of reducing surface tension, controlling foam and reducing water sensitivity. Can be used in many industries: such as water-based industrial coatings, water-based container coatings, water-based automotive original paint, water-based wood paint, water-based inks, OPV, pressure-sensitive adhesives, pigment and dye synthesis, metalworking fluids, fluxes, pesticides, etc.



Rapid migration, lower dynamic surface tension and static surface tension, defoaming and anti-foaming, low water sensitivity, can wet a variety of substrates, will not form micelles, good thermal stability, good acid-base stability (from pH =3 to pH=12).



The surface tension of water-based systems is higher than that of solvent-based systems. Surfactants need to be added to improve the wetting and spreading of substrates. However, traditional wetting agents will cause foam and stabilize foam. If defoamers are added, surface defects such as pinholes will appear , Shrinkage cavity, crater, fish eye and other disadvantages. GreesoA04 series products can avoid these problems. The performance of GreesoA04 series surfactants is significantly better than traditional surfactants such as octylphenol and kingylphenol ethoxylates. It can provide extremely low surface tension and antifoam under dynamic conditions. Features.



Due to its unique molecular structure, Greesol A04 surfactant is a good symmetrical non-ionic defoamer. Greesol A04 surfactant has no cloud point and can have persistent defoaming properties in a wide temperature range.


water sensitivity

Many surfactants cause water sensitivity problems on the dried coating surface. Highly hydrophilic surfactants such as anionic (dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate) or polyethoxylated surfactants are easy to re-dissolve in water, causing surface defects of the dried coating, such as stickiness, hairiness, etc. Whitening, fogging, and poor water resistance.


water-based paint

Greesol A04 surfactant can solve many problems such as foam and difficult-to-wet surfaces in coating formulations, especially to reduce surface tension under dynamic conditions, so it can increase the wetting of oily or polluted surfaces in high-speed spraying, roller coating, and dip coating. Humidity; reduce water sensitivity to improve water resistance of coatings. Greesol A04 surfactant has the function of defoaming and antifoaming, which can reduce or eliminate the addition of traditional defoaming agents.


printing ink and varnish

It can be applied to high-speed printing machines to improve the wetting and leveling properties of inks and varnishes, improve the adhesion to substrates, and reduce the foam generated by circulation. Greesol A04 surfactant can be added during the milling stage, or it can be added later. Due to its unique chemical structure, it can reduce the water sensitivity and anti-blocking of the coating.


Dyes and Pigments

Inhibit the foam caused by the gas produced in the production process of disperse dyes, and can also effectively eliminate the foam caused by dye spray drying and mixing due to mechanical solidification. Another advantage of this product is that it can eliminate static electricity in spray drying and reduce viscosity.



It is recommended to add emulsion or resin and other surfactants first, and then add Greesol A04 series surfactants to make it disperse into the system at the maximum speed. It must be fully dispersed for 15-30 minutes. A small number of Greesol A04 series surfactants will crystallize out during transportation or storage at extremely low temperatures, and can be restored by slight heating and dispersion.



Sample application

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