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GREESOL multi-functional additives help you solve various difficult problems of water-based coatings, inks and adhesives

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Product description

Surfactant Type physical state chemical structure HLB value active ingredient
Greesol F04 light yellow liquid Alkyne diol 6-7 100%
Greesol F05 light yellow liquid Alkyne diol 6-7 50%
Greesol F07 light yellow liquid Alkyne diol 9 100%
Greesol FS85 light yellow liquid Alkyne diol 13 100%
Greesol FS90 light yellow liquid Alkyne diol 12 100%
Greesol F60 light yellow liquid Alkyne diol 9 100%
Greesol FS61 light yellow liquid Alkyne diol 8 100%


Features and uses


Greesol F04, F05, F07, FS85.FS90 wetting agent is based on Gemini technology, low foam, non-ionic, ideal wetting agent for high-efficiency water-based systems. GreesoF04, F05, F07 reduce static and dynamic surface tension to a degree that other surfactants cannot achieve. Its excellent characteristics cannot be achieved by general fluorine and silicon additives. At the same time, compared with many fluorine-based and silicon-based surfactants, the use of fast diol-based GreesoF04, F05, and F07 surfactants can eliminate or reduce general non-alkyne diols such as increased foam, water sensitivity, or recoatability. Problems often caused by surfactants.

Greesol FS85 and FS90 are non-ionic surfactants specially developed for alcohol-free fountain solutions. FS85 and FS90 surfactants are used in fountain solutions without causing foam: they can quickly wet PS plates, especially Suitable for high-speed commercial rotary printing presses: the printed dots have clear edges and will not cause excessive ink emulsification.


Uses and Features

0.2% to 1% (weight ratio) of Greesol F04 and F07 added in metal coatings
can provide excellent wetting, leveling and low foaming properties on improperly treated metal surfaces. For example, with 0.4% GreesoF04 and f07 wetting agents, it can be sprayed on oiled metal surfaces (low dynamic surface tension is the most important)

Water-based wood
paint GreesolF04 wetting agent is applied to water-based wood paint to provide wetting and wood penetration so as to spread completely, level and help to remove hidden air bubbles and microbubbles. For example, the application of 0.5% to 1% (weight ratio) of GreesolF04 wetting agent to water-based acrylic spray wood paint can provide better leveling and gloss compared with fluorine-based and silicon-based surfactants . Likewise, with foam-producing fluorines and silicones. Greesol F60 and F61 have extremely low static and dynamic wettability, and are suitable for water-based wood paints and water-based industrial coatings.

Compared with using GreesolF04 wetting agent in DIY water-based acrylic wood paint, it can greatly improve the problems of water seepage and whitening and blistering. This shows its excellent water resistance.

Greesol F04 wetting agent for printing inks
can be used in water-based inks for flexo and gravure printing to provide outstanding substrate wetting and leveling for plastic films, fiber films and other substrates. The substrate wetting brought by GreesoF04 wetting agent improves low water sensitivity and low foaming. Ink formulators can reduce or eliminate the addition of solvents, and at the same time, further optimize the performance of water-based inks.

GreesolF04 wetting agent in the application of flux is characterized by no sharpening, less tin connection, full solder joints, bright, good cleanliness; less soldering residue; high temperature resistance; halogen-free to meet the requirements of export environmental protection regulations.



Sample application

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