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Innovative Surfactant

GREESOL multi-functional additives help you solve various difficult problems of water-based coatings, inks and adhesives

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Innovative Surfactant


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Product description

Surfactant Type physical state chemical structure active ingredient
Greesol A07L light yellow liquid Alkyne diol 100%
Greesol P25 light yellow liquid Alkyne diol 100%
Greesol P45A light yellow liquid Alkyne diol 85%
Greesol P10E light yellow liquid Alkyne diol 100%
Greesol P1320 light yellow liquid Alkyne diol 81%


Greesol P45A self-emulsifying wetting agent

Greesol P45A is a self-emulsifying low-foaming surfactant with unstable foam stability, excellent dynamic wetting and dynamic foam control performance. It can be dispersed into the formulation system with low shear. Especially suitable for high-speed coating of pressure-sensitive adhesives and composite adhesives.


Greesol P25 Surfactant

Greesol P25 is a gemini-based fast diol surfactant with low foam, unstable foam, dynamic wetting and other properties. Used in conjunction with dispersants, it can minimize the phenomenon of floating and blooming, and improve the compatibility of the system.


Greesol A07L Surfactant

Greesol A07L is a gemini-based surfactant with 100% active ingredients, no VOC, low foam and unstable foam.


Greesol P1320 Surfactant

Greesol P1320 has low static and dynamic surface tension, and has good wettability to non-absorbent substrates, especially suitable for high-speed roller coating of pressure-sensitive adhesives.


Greesol P10E Surfactant

Greesol P10E has low foaming and good permeability, and has a good effect on improving pigment floating and blooming.



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